Sunday, 8 August 2010

bring me sunshine

Not an allotment post today but a few pics from the garden. I had a stroll around this afternoon and realised that many of our flowers are starting to go over, so took the opportunity to take a few snaps of our sunflower while they are still in full glory.

We have grown some different types of sunflower this year and they seem to have been fairly successful. Here are a few from our garden.

Giant sunflower - this one is about 8 feet tall

Just love the deep purple centre with contrasting cream tips to the leaves

These hint towards 'traditional' sunflowers with the heavily seeded centre and tri-colour leaves of pale yellow, lilac and cream

A real stunner this one - I just love the purple leaves; very striking


  1. Wow, Lovely Sunflowers! I grew loads this year but the slugs got them when they were still tiny!! :0(

  2. Thanks Ali, I was so pleased with how well they did. Looking forward to collecting the seeds for next year :)