Saturday, 18 July 2009

fencing, painting, rotovating & levelling

Thought I'd create a short photo montage of the work carried out on Site 2 over the last few weeks. Cloddigger and I can take absolutely no credit for what you are about to see - it is all down to my wonderfully enthusiastic parents. So, Mum and Dad "Thank YOU" for taking this all on whilst we've been busy with Site 1.

ground awaiting rotovation, no fencing up

Some of the pallets that My Folks managed to source (with thanks to one of our fellow allotmenteers) which have been used to finish off the fencing around the whole plot

whole plot completely enclosed - no pesky rabbits for us (we hope!)

soil after being double-rotovated and in the process of being levelled off. A lick of green paint has smartened up the shed and should extend the lifetime of the fence

Next task is to head up there this afternoon to start laying down paths (with any luck) and re-measuring so we can begin mapping out how we're going to set out our beds. This has been rather like watching a beautiful butterfly slowly emerge from a cumbersome cacoon. It's going to be interesting to see how the plot develops once the beds go down and we begin planting up winter crops...

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