Saturday, 25 July 2009

bed time

Wow it's been a tiring but productive day up at Site 2 today. We really cracked on with levelling and marked up all our beds and Cloddigger started boarding out. The plot is looking fantastic now. But oh my goodness we're both paying for it now after 3 hours of raking, picking up stones and rubbish, hammering and sawing. Still it is so worth the effort. We had a lovely comment from one of our allotment neighbours who stopped by to see how we were getting on: "Looks like you've got Ground Force in", he said, "Nice to see the plot coming together so well". How lovely was that?

Mum planting up cabbage, Dad and Cloddigger boarding out

All our beds are marked out and mostly boarded - just need to get some more timber cut to finish them off

My Folks' half with beetroot planted in the nearest bed and cabbage in the next bed

Just need to decide now what to plant up first. Going to consult with my planting calendar to see what is suitable to go in the ground now...


  1. OMG - It looks so much bigger now it's all cleared. How're you going to fill it now ;)

  2. Yes, I agree it does look massive. Currently working on our planting plan. I expect we won't have too much problem filling it once we get going :)

  3. Just discovered your blog. I shall be coming back to see how your doing. I am intrigued, It all looks so good!

  4. Hi Mangocheeks, thank you for your kind comments. Nice to have you along. cheers, Michelle