Sunday, 2 August 2009

greenhouse #2

We have been on the lookout for a greenhouse for Site 2 for some time. I had placed a wanted ad on our staff intranet site at work and was delighted when someone responded saying they had an old greenhouse they were looking to dispose of. Cloddigger and Dad went to have a look and were thrilled to discover a 30 year old, hardwood greenhouse complete with solid base in excellent condition. They spent a morning last weekend dismantling it and then today hired a van and delivered it on site and then put it all back together again. The results are very pleasing and it will prove an invaluable space for bringing on seedlings and cuttings. So, big, big Thanks to ND (you know who you are!) and expect some produce to come your way in the near future.

some of the component parts prior to re-assembly

are you sure that bit goes there?

ta-dah! The finished item. Well done to Cloddigger and Dad for your splendid efforts!!!

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  1. It looks really sturdy and a job Well done.

    I went over to my plot yesterday and my greenhouse had been completely reclocated by the high winds this week. I am so gutted.