Monday, 3 August 2009

planting up on Site 2 (at last!!!)

Yesterday, while the men were installing the wooden frame greenhouse, I was able to get on with some planting - yippee!!! On the cards were:

  • Jerusalem Artichokes in Bed 1 (permanent bed) right at the back to act as a screen. These have been transferred from Site 1 so fingers crossed they'll take ok

  • Bed 2 is designated for brassicas this year, so have planted up sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower. Also set up a net cage around them as cabbage white butterfly are prevalent on the site

  • Bed 4 is for root veg so the spuds ("Nicola") have gone in and, if I've got my calculations right, should be ready to harvest just in time for Christmas Day

  • Also planted up a clematis to grow up the side of the shed

All in all it was quite a productive day. Didn't manage to sow the spring onion (need to do soon as just slipping past the ideal time to get the seed in the ground) as the netting took longer than I thought. But hey, time has its own pace on the allotment :D

(clockwise from top left) Beds 4, 3 and 2 with all paths in and chippings laid down

brassicas all protected (hopefully) from butterflies and slugs and any other little chompers

jerusalem artichoke


  1. Oh my goodness, your plot looks so good already. How exciting it is to start a new one. Best of luck. Shall follow with interest. x

  2. Hi Carrie, thanks for the comment. Yes I can't get over how quickly the plot has come together. It helps that it isn't a full plot - I think some of the photos make it look much bigger than it is - and we've had 4 of us working on it. It will be a bit of adventure to see what works and what doesn't over the coming months (and hopefully years) so I'll try and keep the blog as interesting as possible. All the best x