Wednesday, 6 May 2009

planting up

With all our area dug over, grass and weeds removed we were ready to begin planting! This was a very exciting time as it felt like we were about to do something real and creative. First off, we created a long mound in which to plant the potatoes. Beside this we planted several onion varieties and then sowed the carrots.

Bear in mind that we are complete novices at growing vegetables, especially in an allotment setting, so we invested in an extremely useful and easy to read publication: “Practical Allotment Gardening” by Caroline Foley (available on Amazon ). As newbies to allotment gardening this is an ideal read full of practical advice and great projects. No doubt our library of allotment books will grow through time, but this particular one is likely to become well-thumbed as we use it time and time again.

#3 - potato "barrow" with onion bed to the left. A sun flower is planted at the head of the barrow.

#4 - carrot bed fully prepared and ready for planting up

#5 - a view of complete area dug over and paths set out

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