Wednesday, 13 May 2009

we have a greenhouse!

STOP PRESS! Hold the front page, and other newspaper-type phrases.

We are now the very proud owners of a greenhouse. No-one is more excited than me because this means I finally get my conservatory back!!!!!!!!

My sister phoned me the other day to say that her father-in-law wondered if we would be interested in an unused greenhouse. Cloddigger jumped up and down with glee and said that, yes please, we would love to take it off his hands. The only stipulation was that we (that's the royal 'we' - I really mean Cloddigger) dismantle it ourselves and arrange transport. Not a problem. The greenhouse was situated close to where My Folks live and they said that they could take Cloddigger down there one evening to help him dismantle it and load it into the car.

Well, said evening comes along. Cloddigger goes to the address and, hey-presto!, turns up to find that it has already been taken apart. Woo-hoo the garden fairies had done all the hard work (big, big thanks to Mum and Dad xx) and all Cloddigger had to do was load it up and bring it home. Perfect.

I now have a greenhouse in my conservatory waiting for a space to be cleared in our garden for it to be rebuilt!

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