Saturday, 2 May 2009

a seed of an idea

So where to begin? Well, for some considerable time Cloddigger and I had been talking about 'getting an allotment' (since before the period known as "Credit Crunch") and had put our names down with our local council to go on the waiting list.

So we waited, and waited and waited. Phoned "The Council" (can't name and shame cos I still want our bins emptied with regularity) and eventually got put through to the right department only to by told "The management of The Council's allotments is undertaken by a 3rd party". Thereafter was given contact details of said 3rd party but couldn't make contact, grrrrrr!

Fast forward 18 months and the 'getting an allotment' conversation came up again. This time, fortuitously, it was held with a colleague of Cloddigger's who said "we have an allotment which we're struggling to manage, if you help us dig it over and give us a hand to put up some fencing, you can have a section to use for yourselves". So that was it - in March 2009 we took on a small section of Deb and Dan's allotment.

#1 - our first view of our bit of the allotment (click on image for more detail)

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