Saturday, 27 June 2009

site 2 clearance update

Clearing the ground at Site 2 is going extremely well. My Folks have been working exceptionally hard and have gained another 5 feet of ground to the right of the shed which means we should have enough space to set up a greenhouse (at some point in the future).

Dad has erected a fence from pallets to the rear of the plot. Behind it is rough ground which requires clearance (at a later date) but this will, eventually, become an area for soft fruit and be converted into a fruit cage. However, plenty of other tasks to do before then! I think the fencing really neatens the appearance of the plot and will make it easier to define where paths and beds will go.

The next stage is for rotovation which can take place any time from now as all the grass and weeds have died back.

One slight hitch was the discovery of metres and metres of black plastic under the soil running pretty much the length of the wire fencing dividing our plot from the neighbouring one. Cloddigger got to do what he does best and was deployed to help dig it out - a hard but necessary task as leaving the plastic in would not have been the best of ideas!

I'm really hoping that my next post about Site 2 will be to report the completion of the ground prep and moves on to show plans for beds etc. Can't wait !!!

photo shows new back fence and you can just glimpse the extra ground gained to the right of the shed


  1. Spotted a garden bench in a skip down the village. Just what we need for the allotment (well the day WILL come when we will have time to sit down and admire all our hard work). Wonder how we could transport it?

  2. ooh that sounds nice! Couple that with a large parasol umbrella to keep the sun off our heads - perfect :D