Friday, 19 June 2009

slow steady clearance

We popped along to Site 2 last weekend to see how the ground clearance was progressing. My Folks have done loads to clear out the rubble that was scattered all over the site. The weeds and grass have been strimmed down and treated. The old compost bins (originally located to the left of the shed) have been dismantled - to be honest they fell apart - and the compost moved.

The site is starting to look bigger already. Hopefully the last of the weeds are just about dying off and we can then arrange for the site to rotovated. Yes, we should probably just get on with digging by hand but the site is so uneven that we figured rotovating will make it easier for levelling off. It has felt like it's taking quite a while for us to get this site ready, but we all agreed from the outset that we won't rush things and just take our time with the prep work.

We're all really looking forward to getting the beds planned and marked up. I've already started to think about what we can plant up for winter harvesting. Have bought another really excellent allotment book called "Allotment Specialist". It is well set out and easy to follow and has a useful section on crop rotation, a year round calendar and month-by-month quick reference guide to sowing as well as loads of other practical advice. We picked this up at the local garden centre and I've also seen it in Waterstones.

ground now cleared of tall grass and weeds and old compost bin removed


  1. We got to play with matches too!

  2. I love your shed, I have a blue door and finials a very similar colour to yours, I love sheds, it makes the plot seem like home!

  3. Hi Maureen,
    Yes it is a lovely colour. The shed needs some new felt on the roof but otherwise its pretty ok - somewhere to make a brew and sit in when it rains LOL!