Sunday, 21 June 2009

spud u like?

Cloddigger harvested the first of the homegrown potatoes this weekend. These have been grown in bags on our sheltered decking at home. They were planted up in March and are Maris Piper (we think - Cloddigger "lost" the plant marker!!!) Anyway, regardless of the variety, I'm looking forward to having these with dinner tonight served simply, steaming hot with a knob of butter melting over the top; yum, yum!

Meanwhile, at Site 1 the potatoes in the long barrow are doing really well. I think we will leave them for another couple of weeks before we dig up the first batch - there are still 3 bags growing at home so we are in no rush to disturb these beauties.

Final note on potatoes - the photo below shows our short barrow of salad potatoes planted up about 3 weeks ago. These were excess seed potatoes from my sister-in-law; cheers Lindsey, we're very much looking forward to eating them when they're ready.

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