Sunday, 28 June 2009

plants in glass houses

Some time ago I wrote about being given a greenhouse, well I thought I should create a post about its installation.

The greenhouse was originally 8' x 6' but this was just a little too big for where we wanted to site it (a small courtyard area to the rear of our property adjacent to an outhouse), so it was decided to reduce it to 6' x 6'.

frame went up quite quickly and easily; My Folks (who you may remember dismantled it) had labelled up each section of the frame to aid putting it back together again

so keen was he to get the thing up (and to stop me nagging about plants in the conservatory!), Cloddigger even worked for hours in the rain to fit the panes

greenhouse even came with a potting bench. Racking at the end was a mini-greenhouse of ours which provides welcome additional shelving

cucumber and tomatoes growing well. Cucumber is supported by eucalyptus branches lopped off said tree in our garden

The greenhouse is a welcome addition to our garden as it will mean we can bring on many more different varieties of plants for later transplanting to the allotment. Many, many thanks to the Lowes (they know who they are!) you've made a big difference :D

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